September 12, 2012


OK so a Trader Joe's just opened in Plano TX. Very close to where I live and I could not wait to make my first trip there this last Sunday! It was so fun and I did find some amazing things! Cilantro dressing... Great produce... and some great frozen things that will be great for fast and healthy sides during the week! The BEST thing I bought was a case of TJ's 'Two Buck Chuck'... which technically is $3 buck chuck now ($2.99) My friend had gone the Friday before and tried ALL the wines and told me which ones she preferred. I bought 5 Merlot, 1 Shiraz, 5 Pinot Grigio and 1 Sav Blanc. We have only tried the Merlot so far and I have to say it was pretty good! Their wine comes from the Charles Shaw winery in CA! I found this article online... check it out:

Charles Shaw wine, also known as "Two-Buck Chuck," is beloved by budget-minded wine drinkers. Though a bottle sells for a paltry $1.99, many feel the wine tastes, well, pretty darn good. So why is it so inexpensive?
Apparently others have wondered the same thing. The urban legend experts at address the many theories. One is that airlines had to dump their stock of Charles Shaw after they could no longer use corkscrews on flights. Not true. Another possible explanation: "Charles Shaw himself, engaged in a bitter divorce struggle," sought to reduce his winery's value by "flooding the market with cheap wine." Makes for a good story, but also not true.
Alas, the real reason is far less interesting -- there are too many wines in the world and not enough demand. Additionally, despite Charles Shaw's prestigious Napa label, the wine is "almost certainly made from cheaper grapes from California's Central Valley," helping to keep Chuck's costs down.
And in case you're wondering, there really was a Charles Shaw. He started his winery in 1974 and later sold it to Bronco Wine Company, a conglomerate. Bronco revived the Charles Shaw label in 2002. People have been enjoying the "drinkable" wine ever since ... hopefully in moderation.


I am sending one of my lucky readers a bottle of wine... White or Red it is your choice... I know I know... not a BIG money giveaway but who doesn't like wine? 


  1. Great giveaway! I just love the Trader Joe's almond butter...and the wine of course!

  2. My fave thing so far has been the edamame hummus! I'm taking a bottle of the 2 buck Chuck chardonnay to book club tonight so we'll see how it is :)

  3. We don't have a trader joes near me! I'm jealous!

  4. The Shiraz is my fave - totally love it.