October 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

A little Halloween Tree I set up for Channing. I think it needs a lot more somethin somethin.... It is a work in progress!

Me on Friday... Trying to show off my leopard shoes... LOVE

Channing before we left for the fair Saturday!

Sporting her sunnies

Decided that she wanted to wear them ALL Sunday morning INSIDE... she's cool like that!

Momma and Channy Lou cuddle time!

Just a beautiful girl

Chandler and I did our 6 mile run at White Rock Sunday while Grammie & Poppa Scott played with C! (Thank you!) AND here was our time. Since it was way hotter than we expected (in the 90's) we were proud of our time!

Happy Monday Peeps! Today one of my best friends has her baby... you know the one that was on bed rest at the hospital for about 20 weeks.... Praise the Lord! Can't wait to hold and meet sweet Dylan Paige!!!
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