October 12, 2011


OH MY GOODNESS! Vegas was a blast but if wore us out! We were lucky enough to be sent to Vegas and were able to completely enjoy ourselves thanks to our parents who graciously kept our sweet Channing! She is a FUN girl but Vegas isn't really her style! Our first stop was the pawn shop from 'Pawn Stars'! They weren't even open yet and there was already a line forming. I was hoping to see Chumley but no such luck! Oh well... our cab driver was awesome and ran across the street to take the picture for us!

Our first hotel stop was Aria... We loved it. The room was awesome... everything opened and turned on when we went in the room! Our room wasn't ready yet since it was ONLY 9am so we checked our bags and got ready to see some sites!

But first things first... MUST MAKE MIMOSAS in the hotel lobby! CLASSY!

We ate brunch at Mon Ami Gabi in PARIS! It was delish and a great patio to people watch from!

Picture of the Bellagio across the street from Paris... we stayed there the next two nights!

The view from Aria's hotel room

We wanted to walk to Mandalay Bay and eat at Burger Bar... it was a LONG walk!

We ate sushi on Yellowtail's patio to watch the Bellagio Fountains!

The Bellagio had awesome holiday decor up... a XMAS store with a tree that would go with my XMAS decor! And TONS of Fall decor... It was so pretty! And smelled so good!

We ate dessert at Beso... Eva Longoria's Steakhouse. Wow, so good! And the wait staff was so nice!

These glass 'flowers' were in the lobby at the Bellagio... I thought they were so beautiful!

We ate brunch one day at Mesa Grill... Bobby Flay's place... AGAIN so good! We had to take pictures!

OK so we all know I love the 'Dashies' and they have a new store opening in Ceasars soon... too bad I am missing it!

These next few pictures are at the Cosmopolitan... If we go again we MUST stay there... it is awesome!

Us before dinner and our show "O" at the Bellagio

After the show... I thought I needed this hat!

We FINALLY got a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity! SO GOOD!

Pictures from our Buffet at Bellagio... OMG it was great! Everything we ate was good... Crab legs, beef tenderloin etc etc etc

The Bellagio Fall Decor!

We had a blast! Some things I didnt take pics of I wished I had! Like the Forum Shops at Ceasars etc etc oh well! Some things just have to stay in Vegas :)!


  1. Such great pictures. I LOVE Vegas. Such great food and always something to spend your money on...LOVE IT! :)

  2. Vegas looked like a blast! So fun to be able to get away for awhile!!!

    Me and Hubby love cigars too! Funny you posted those pics...we have some very similar :)