October 10, 2011

Ty Turns 1!

OK FINALLY blogger let me upload TWO photos at a time... So this is what we got peeps! A few weeks ago a sweet boy named TY turned 1! He and Channing are exactly 6 months apart! We love this family like our own and were so happy to go out to Abilene to celebrate this little mans first year of life!

*The momma and the birthday boy! (She did all the decor and it turned out SO cute!)

*A HUGE bounce house.... it was a major hit with Channing!

*It is no secret that Channing LOVE to 'wing!' Thank goodness they have one in their backyard... it made her really happy!

*Me and my girl.... she was like 'get away momma I got winging to do!'

*Loves lipgloss! Who doesn't?

*Me and Baby Sloan or Bologna Sandwich or Sloaney

*Channing showing Sloan some love

*We got a smile!

*Bounce house fun!

*LOVE her face in this pic!

*The little birthday cowboy!

*ALL the kids... this picture cracks me up!

*Sweet friends! ALL of our kiddos are exactly 6 months apart... Channing then Ty and then Sloan... CRAZY!

*Ty got a little trampoline and Channing and I had lots of fun on it!

*next up...VEGAS! Then the Pumpkin Patch! Hang in there they will be posted soon!

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