October 21, 2011

Adventures In Babysitting!

OK I wouldn't really count it as 'babysitting' but I love that movie so I had to use that title! Yesterday I picked up both Channing and her friend Kingston from school. Kingston's rents had some plans and asked if we could watch him for the evening. We had the BEST time. They kiddos were so good and seemed to have so much fun together for the most part. There may have been a few mean streaks that came out in Channing... I guess protecting her territory but as soon as I would correct her she would go hug Kingston. It was really a lot of fun!

In the car ready to go home. Channing was pumped and Kingston was not sure what to think at first.... then they started laughing and playing and immitating each other. It was such a fun ride home.

Happy kiddo in the bath! I didn't get any pictures of dinner... they both had annies pasta o's and yogurt and cookies for dessert. Chandler was mowing the lawn so my hands were full but I wish I had a picture because both of them were a mess by the time we were done!

Bubble power!!!!

What is my GOOFY girl doing here? She had her hair in piggies today and when I took them out she looked like BOZO the clown hahahahaha and that face she is making... where does she get this stuff? Her dad??

Eating bath toys is so fun apparently!

They were both splashing here and this is an 'action' shot hahahaha! They were cracking themselves up! Made me laugh!

All dressed and clean and ready for bed watching Elmo! EXCEPT Channing missed the whole 'night time is a time for sleeping' memo last night! Holy schnikees! She was up no joke from 2am to 4am NONE STOP! Yikes I am tired today but it is Friday so its all good!!!!

Today they had to take an animal to school to put on Noah's Ark. She chose her Brittany Spaniel 'puppy' and carried it all the way to her class by herself this morning. It was really really cute!!!!
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  1. Ok want to come pick up Landyn now :) YOU are amazing girly!