October 27, 2011


This semi had spikes on it's tires like the 'mean' car in the movie Grease. I didn't like driving beside him.

This CUTE & CRAZY girl looked super cute in her Halloween wear this morning... its a good thing because she gave us a ROUGH night last night. From about 2:30 until 4 something AM she threw HUGE fits drank milk wanted to get off our bed but not in her bed, wanted to get down but when we would put her down she would scream! I was thrown for a loop let me tell ya! I have no idea what was wrong... I am hoping it's teeth or something because I am hoping there was a reason other than being a 'toot' ! All the aggravation goes away when she wakes up happy and hugs you... Thank goodness cause girlfriend was cruisin last night :)!

I wore my Ranger colors yesterday and the game was cancelled.... BUT I wore blue again today so here's hoping they are WINNERS!

This was on the way home yesterday hahahaha! She was eating raisins and started laughing and I turned around and she was acting like one was her tooth and thought it was so funny... it was funny... made me laugh too!


  1. Wow that semi is crazy! Love your pictures and the bows in her hair. :)

  2. what a CUTIE!!!!! love the blue shirt too :)