October 30, 2011

Girls Weekend...

Channing and I have been having a girls weekend because Chandler went to KS for his Grandad's surprise birthday party. I wish we could have gone but since the drive is pretty long and Channing does NOT enjoy the long drives quite yet we stayed put.

We took afternoon bike rides!

Took morning pictures to send to Daddy

Ate breakfast while watching ELMO

Waved at Daddy at lunch!

Wor 'FOOTIE' PJs for the first time this season to realize that Channing HATES her feet being trapped right now... #fail

Channing became a super hero for an hour or so!

A sneak peak of her costume!

Awesome bath hair!

Cuddle time

Insisted on wearing TWO bows after bath before bed!

Relaxed on Momma & Daddys bed!

Modeled after dinner

Sat in push carts before getting in trouble for it ( Had to get a picture!)

Woke up slowly from naps!

It was an awesome weekend with my sweet girl! We even ran errands with Breen on Saturday too! Today as soon as Chandler gets home we have an 8 mile run to get in before Trunk or Treat! Then tomorrow a HUGE carnival at Grammie & Pappa Scotts hood'! Fun will be had!

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