October 20, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

*Its ok that they old man at Starbucks that asked me, 'why do you look so cute today?' made my day
*That I was going to watch the Rangers in game 1 but decided I would rather catch on on my shows on DVR with a glass of wine or two instead
*That I colored my hair last night and it made me super happy
*That I love the cooler weather... I think most people do
*That I am looking forward to my hubby's 30th birthday stuff and can't wait to give him his present!

*The cooler weather and open roof in my car prompted me to take a picture of how cool it really was at 4:30 PM! YAY FINALLY!

*Channing girl this morning... today started the Halloween outfit marathon.... Stay tuned she is gonna looke CUTE!

*My freshly colored hair... I like taking pictures of myself... and THATS OK TOO! Just ask my best friends... its an art I tell ya!

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