September 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

*Friday Chandler & my dad went to fish in a fishing tourney and that meant it was Channing and I for the night. I did have happy hour with some co-workers before I picked her up from school because it was SO pretty out. The first time in forever I didn't sweat on a patio.... Look at that cool bus that passed by! I had to take a pic!

*The next few pics I took to send to Chandler Friday afternoon. Channing was 'driving' her FAO Schwartz cart around and went all around the house gathering treasure.

*Her baby toothpaste my comb some random plastic thing and some room spray.

*After playing and eating and bathtime we settled in to watch some Mickey Mouse. This is one of the first times she wants to cuddle in a long time... She has done this for a few days and I am loving it!!

*After Channing went to bed I made those 'Pumpkin Muffins' that have been posted all over Pinterest. They are good and Channing loves them. I also made a praline icing from Southern Living Magazine to drizzle on top of them and anything from Southern Living is yummy...

*Saturday evening was a bit of a fussfest by Channing at our house so I didnt capture any pictures of that. They might have been amusing though!! But, yesterday afternoon I decided to get out some washable markers and let Channing create some art! It is so fun to watch her have fun playing with artsy stuff! BUT, since we are in a fit stage.... she screamed when I cleaned everything up even though she was done coloring and was chuncking markers on the floor and at passing dogs.

*She has been really sweet to the dogs lately and I just loved the next few pictures... I thought she looked so big in that outfit... makes me sad.

*Handing out hugs left and right! Love that!

*I laughed so hard when I found Benz sleeping on Channing's book 'Pat Them Gently' a book that teaches kids to be nice to animals and gentle when meeting them. I think it was wishful thinking on his part. He is a little weary of Channing after she has hit at him and pulled on his chops...

*And this is my sweet girl this morning waiting for her milk... she has been coughing and has had a runny nose all weekend from allergies I think. Mine have been horrible and so have Benz's. He is like a human... allergie season affects him just as bad.

I am going to try and play catch up on my 30 day photo challenge. Oops I am already behind on that! Also, some things we are looking forward to this week.... A new pergola on our back patio! YAY.... I will take pictures when it is done! Weekend mornings on the patio will be so awesome with the cooler weather coming around. We also scored some great vintage patio chairs we are re-finishing so I will post the whole process once we are done with that! Wish us luck!

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  1. Love that sweet girl!! Glad you had a great weekend my friend!

  2. I love that last dress on her and the dog pics!