September 26, 2011

Fab Fall Blog Challenge Day 6!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Todays Topic: Fall TV

OK here is my SHORT list of shows (in no order):

Real Houswives of Bev Hills

Real Housewives of NJ

Rachel Zoe

Amazing Race

Most Eli Dallas

Criminal Minds

Teen Mom

Jersey Shore


Bethenny (has to start soon right)


Home By Novagratz (watch it they are great designers)

I thought I would add some of Channing's FAVES:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


The Pajanimals (Sprout announced yesterday they are getting their own show... She screamed with excitement!)

Chandler's Fave Shows:

College Game Day!

*This was sweet Channing going into school this morning! Shelby gave her this cute dress and we wanted to make sure and post a picture of how cute she looked in it! Pictures from Ty's big birthday bash coming up tonight! Get pumped up!
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  1. Have you watched the new show Revenge? It just started...Thursday at 9pm on ABC. Its GOOD!!!!

  2. Ahhh how did I forget about KUWTK and Kendra?!

  3. Love!! Sorry I was behind on the blog!