September 7, 2011

Grandparent Day & Some Randomness!

*How cute is this? My friend Lindsay over at Lee La La posted today about this CUTE Candy Corn Bark. Although, I am crazy and don't like Candy Corn much, I thought this was SO cute and would make a cute gift packaged like she has it below! HAPPY FALL!!

*Yesterday evening was Grandparent Day at Channing's CCDC. Her Grammie brought her some books and here she is enjoying them!

Here she is with Daddy and Grammie

Channing with Mommy and Breen & Pop

The entertainment for the evening was a sweet man from the church that played a saw and TONS of harmonicas! He was awesome and as you will see below Channing was entranced by him!

She just stared in amazement! It was pretty cute!

We got home ate dinner and put Channy Lou to bed. If you were wondering it went much better than Monday night. As I was settling in to watch the season premier of Rachel Zoe I poured a glass of wine and got some m&ms and take a look at what happened next... perfection. I had the perfect scenerio of m&ms left. I am a bit OCD and this made me so happy.

This was Miss C this morning at school. I couldn't get her to smile and look at the camera because her friend Kingston was back at school today and she just kept looking at him. It was pretty cute!

There they are... YES she is still staring at him hahahaha!

Before I leave you today I would like to send you over to The Bargain Blonde! She posted today about a self-tanning lotion applicator....if you use self tanning lotion then you need this! AND once again... why didnt I think of this!??

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  1. holla! How cute are you for getting excited about the M&Ms, so something I would do.

    One day I'm going to actually act on one of my ideas I have and beat someone to the punch!

    Channy is presh beyond words!!!!!! And random, but I think entranced is a fabulous word. ha!

  2. Channy is sooooo cute. Def alittle DIVA in training :)