September 30, 2011

FFBC Thanksgiving Memories!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
*Every year the day after Thanksgiving it is tradition for us to go cut down our Xmas tree Griswold style! Last year was extra special because Channing was with us for the first time!

*We always meet up with Chandler's aunt and family.... Here I am (blonde hair and all) with them! They are moving and I anot sure they'll be doing it this year with us... that makes me sad!

*Channings first Thanksgiving... I just want to go back in time an squeeze that little nugget!

*This was Thanksgiving 2010. Thats Chandler's side of the fam. Notice the little bump sticking out of my cardigan... thats Channing!

*I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holiday season. It is cooler out but feels so much warmer to celebrate with family & friends!


  1. Cute pictures! I love thanksgiving :)

  2. Such great pictures! Thanks for linking up everyday girl :)