September 9, 2011

Friday Randoms & I'm Working For The Weekend!

*I think I may just have to partake in some of THIS tonight....

*My dad and Chandler are in a fishing tournament this weekend.... I hope they win.... The prize is money! Thats the best kind of prize!

*This is the text I got from Shawna (Channing's friend Kingston's mom) yesterday morning after I had dropped her off at school! I told you guys she LOVES to dance hahahaha! This made my day!

*LOVE that I am getting Tandori Chicken for lunch from Roti Grill in Dallas! If you like indian food and you haven't tried Roti... you should. It is DELISH!! And their veggie samosas are to die for and their Garlic Naan yummmm!

*SO excited that our shipment comes in today from the WSJ Wine Club! I love being a part of this club! Its a GREAT one! If you ever need a review from me on the club let me know. We have never had any problems with them and have enjoyed the wine for sure!!

*I am going to make this cobbler this weekend using BLUEBERRIES instead of Balckberries. Hopefully mine looks that YUMMY!

*This is the look Channing gives me after I have picked her up from school and I am singing etc to try and make her happy until we get home!

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