September 14, 2011

M Stands For Missoni & Some Interest From Pinterest!

If you are not a member of Pinterest you should be. It is a great way to get ideas for new outfits/trend ideas. Great recipes and cute home decor ideas. I thought I would post a few items that describe my style and maybe the style I am going for...If you need an invite to Pinterest let me know!
*I am a Texas girl.. born and raised and I think I need this.

*Love shorts dressed up for Fall or for a party!

*Anything sparkly and sequin-ey I LOVE

*I love scarfs and I love yellow.... now this fall I will be doing this with my yellow scarf!

*Just a little something I tell myself when I am running.

*I love these pants and I am looking for some like them!

*Its no secret that I love Leopard... I love this outfit!!

*Currently looking for cute knee socks to pull this look off! I will be doing this!

* I am also a Mama and I love this!

*If I had somewhere to wear this... I totally would

*Yep... love this for fall

I think I will wear one of my Maxi dresses with a chunky sweater this fall/winter... CUTE

*This dress is totally me

*AND THIS! I cannot find out where this dress is from or who makes it!

OK well it is officially at Target now but oh wait...ITS ALL ALMOST GONE TOTALLY! Mostly that annoys me because everything I keep hearing from people and reading on blogs is that women were buying TONS of it and will be selling it on EBAY. That annoys me because its for the peeps like me that can't afford to buy Missoni typically and now they will be marking it up online so that we still can't get it... oh well... I digress! I did want those rain boots for Channing and I though... whatev!


  1. I love your taste! Such pretty finds!

  2. I went to Tarjay at 9:15 (exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes after they opened) and pretty much all of the Missoni stuff was gone! I was SO irritated to see women pushing carts with 3-5 pairs of the same shoes, dresses, shower curtains, etc. Literally, their carts were overflowing with Missoni, and I wanted to punch them... I would never do that, but I really wanted to. :)

  3. The picture with the huge ruffled skirt and denim top is way too fabulous!

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstrom gift card +Nars polish Giveaway!

  4. I went to the Mesquite Target (across from Town East) tonight and they had quite a few Missoni kids shoes left- lots of the flats and rain boots. They may have had a few adult boots, too. Everything was kind of a disorganized mess!! Oh, and they had some of the infant/girl outfits, too. But no adult clothes or housewares :(