September 1, 2011

It's Ok Friday Eve! I Mean Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

* to start my 'Its OK Thursday' with a pic of me and my girl. She has been learning so much this week at school and tomorrow along with my Vlog I will upload her video we made for Chandler this morning. It is so cute!

*to be excited that season 2 of MF comes out this month! We watch it on DVD so we are pumped. Amazing Race starts up again... LOVE it. Rachel Zoe starts again... ummm HELLO do you notice she and I have A LOT in common... well, maybe not that much but I love her. AND RHW of Bevery Hills starts up! Love KYLE! Love her hair!

*to be excited that H&M is at Northpark now but want to wait to go because I HATE fighting major crowds when shopping... I like to take my time and browse and I have a feeling it will be super crowded for a while.

*to want to punch this lady in the face if I ever see her in person. She is on 'Big Rich Texas' and she is so rude... FYI you are not as great cool wonderful as you think you are... and your poor daughter... I would hate working for you too! If I were her I would stay at college full time and never come home.

*To be super pumped that these lovelies are making their return on Tuesday... Thanks to my friend Neeley for letting me know on her blog!

*for Shelby and I to dream SO BIG about opening our own boutique someday. I really think it might happen.... someday... we would be so good at it!

*to be PUMPED about doing my Accent Vlog tonight... look for it tomorrow... I am so excited about this... I know you are all wondering what my 'real' voice sounds like.

*to wake up every Thursday morning thinking 'it's t-shirt time' !

*that I created an NSYNC Pandora station to listen to when I run and to get excited out loud this morning in the car when I told Channing that I would love to hear 'Pop' and it instantly came on! YAY! Plus, like I always tell Chandler... I did a dance to that song in drill team! Don't hate.


  1. LOVE me some Kyli and Housewives of BH!!!! Cooler weather would be nice too!!!! Sick of this Tx heat!! Rachel Zoe is pretty fab too! Wish I had her style and money!!

  2. I have an NSYNC station on Pandora too! haha

  3. Cute pic girl! I looove Modern Family, hilarious! Also, I went to Northpark last weekend and wanted to go into H&M so bad, but it was crazy packed. I'll wait a little while longer, I don't want to have an anxiety attack while shopping, haha!

  4. p.s. super excited about the accent vlog