September 19, 2011

Fab Fall Blog Challenge & Weekend Wrap Up!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

I am going to link up with Neely & Amber for their Fall Blog Challenge! I am going to try way harder than I did for the photo challenge... I really failed at that one didnt I? Today is Fall Traditions day!

*I have to agree with Neely that patio dining and drinks are a must this time of year wether it be at home or out... its just the perfect time of year to do that! And I wouldn't mind eating on a patio like this... maybe one or two glasses of wine! Heaven!

* I know this looks like an XMAS candle but this totally makes me think of Fall when I smell it! LOVE this candle and yes it is burning in our house this time of year!!

*We love going to the State Fair of Texas too! We didnt get to take Channing last year but we are so excited about it this year! Fried stuff and a corny dog and a beer! YES PLEASE!!

* I cant wait to take Channing to the Pumkin Patch thise year! She is going to love it. She even picked out her own little pumpkin at Central Market yesterday! Love this time of year!

* Who doesn't LOVE Pumkin Spice Lattes???!!! I found this on Vintage Dutch Girl's blog and I had to share it! Go check out her blog.... SO CUTE!! And she created this and was so sweet to offer it to her readers for FREE! YEP it will be in my kitchen tonight! Thanks!

* Now for our little weekend wrap up.... I stopped by Brewtopia at CM Friday to pick up some treats... This was a Black IPA that we tried and me likey!

*I got a SWEET package from the FedEx guy Saturday morning and I can't wait to blog about the treats that were in the little beaut on Friday!

*We had tons of fun with this little nugget this weekend. She is so funny and her personality is blooming! She made us laugh all weekend and we couldnt stop talking about how smart she seems to be getting. I know all parents say that but it is just fun to watch your kids learn things for the first time... it is awesome.

* Chandler and Channing made a fort Sunday afternoon... She absolutely LOVED it. She thought it was so cool to play under the blanket!

* I found a FAB Vivian Tam Faux Fur vest the other day on MAH-JOR sale and I love love love it. I wore it to work today and have had several compliments and a TON of funny comments from the guys at the office... I still love it!

* Channing woke up at 5am this morning ready for some Milk and acted like she was ready to get up! She was back to sleep by 5:45 in her room... and then she was asleep on the way to school! What a sweetheart... she looks so relaxed!

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  1. That patio set up is beyond gorgeous! I want!

  2. ooh, where did u get the fur vest?? I want a black one. LOVE the patio!!!!

  3. Ok, so tell me.... Do you LOVE LOVE your new car?? We are looking for a midsize suv... :)

  4. 1. Your gorgeous.

    2. Love the name Channing.

    3. Cannot wait for a corn dog at the FAIR!!!

    4. Fall is my favorite time of year, that patio looks amazing!

    5. Have not heard of this candle, I need it! Where do I find it??

  5. LOVE having drinks out in the nice weather. It's perfection!