January 10, 2014


Every year I make little goals in my head to try and reach throughout the year. But this year I have decided to write them down here so I can look back on them and see where I am. In no particular order.
  • Take the REAL camera with us instead of just our phones
  • Print more of said REAL pictures
  • Stick to a cleaning schedule
  • Use coupons again
  • Continue running
  • Excel at my job
  • Be on time more often... a lot more often
  • Choose joy in all things
  • Play with Channing... REALLY play
  • Organize my life
  • Dates with Chandler
  • Making our church more of a home for us
  • Write more often in the journal I have for Channing
  • Read more
  • Work on getting to know more people in our 'new' community
  • Become more involved

In an effort to meet more people and get more involved I am hosting a Blues Jean Bar party!

If you are in the Dallas area and you would like to come and get $35 off a pair of jeans come on!

Make sure to let me know you are coming so I can plan accordingly!

Like them on Facebook because they are always posting sales you would otherwise not know about!!
Tell them I sent you!

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