January 9, 2014

Cleaning Schedule

I thought I would share the cleaning schedule I have JUST started following this week! I am a full time working momma and we just recently let our house keeper go. She actually was great but I think I am too OCD. I was always finding things I wanted done more often or differently and was still cleaning behind her. Our house always seemed very clean after she was there but I digress...

SO I found several 'schedules' on Pinterest and I just started kind of following this one Monday. I have pretty much stuck to it except making beds part. I have been too rushed (my own fault) this week so far to make the beds. But, I do LOVE when they are made when I get home.

Cleaning Schedule

Doing SOME laundry every day has been awesome. They are small loads and although I MAY be using more water and electricity but stress of having a HUGE amount of laundry to get done on a busy Saturday or Sunday is GONE.

There are tons of these schedules all over Pinterest but this just happened to be the one I printed off. The picture is linked so just click away if you are interested. Whether you are a working momma or a SAHM I think some sort of cleaning schedule would be helpful!

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