January 28, 2014

Date Night

Last weekend we had a date night Saturday night! Stayed at a hotel and went to a Steakhouse! It was so fun and it just reminded us how much fun we have together!

So I tried making juice in the Ninja earlier last Saturday with carrots and tomato's and wheat grass.

Lets just say it was EARTHY tasting and from now on I will follow a recipe!

Some of you may have seen the FB page 'reasons my son is crying' and this was one of those moments for us. We have them all the time but this one made me laugh. She is CRYING slash throwing a huge fit because I asked her if she wanted me to bring her leftovers home from a restaurant for her to snack on later and she said NO! In the car he asked about them and I reminded her she told me she didn't want them anymore and the fit started...

It made me laugh mostly because of that FB page but how goofy kids can be.

Channing LOVES the 'what does the fox say' music video... I think it is a little creepy but whatev!

This smile is my FAVE!

The hotel we stayed at had GOLD hardware in the bathroom and I told Chandler
'This hotel was made for ME'

Happy Tuesday!

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