January 15, 2014


Ninja Blender $99
Say hello to our newest family member!

We have wanted one for a while and finally bought one yesterday! We have several friends with the NINJA and they all seem to love it so we decided that's what we would get. I bought it at Best Buy and started using it this morning. The smoothie recipe I used I got off of Pinterest of course.

Smoothie Connoisseur - C.R.A.F.T.

I REALLY enjoyed the flavor of this one but today I didn't add the Greek Yogurt and added a little more spinach and flaxseed.

I cannot wait to try more recipes! I actually just found one on Pinterest that says you can make your own peanut or sunflower butter in the Ninja! What?! I will definitely be trying that one!


Where is te best place to buy frozen fruit? It can be expensive so I am wondering if Costco or Sams Club would be the best place to get our frozen fruit!

Let me know!

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