January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas a day late to ALL!
I always have and I always will love Christmas. It is extra special to me because it is the time when my Savior was born to this world.
On Christmas Eve I remembered the feeling I used to get as a child. So excited beyond words for what was to come the next morning. I don't know if it was odd for a kid, but I not only loved the surprise of Santa and gifts but I also adored having family around. I never wanted it to end. Something about having everybody I loved in one place just seemed right.
With Channing Christmas has even more excitement! It is so fun to watch her grow and with each year get more and more excited about the holidays! This was the first year she REALLY knew and was excited about what was going on! I had more fun shopping for her this year because I knew how excited she would be. She did not disappoint.
(the following are just pictures from the last few weeks... I am catching up and one of my goals for next year is to make this blog bigger and better! Watch out!!)

(just a random shot but I NEED this sweatshirt!)


Maybe this should be a separate post but it is on my mind so I thought I would just let it out there.
This next year I am going to try and re-focus. In general.
Re-focus on my faith and my trust in the Lord. Make more time for reflection and quiet time with my God.  
Re-focus on my family. Doing my best and what is best for us and a unit and re-acting in love (or trying to) in every situation. Going to try not to compare myself to the other 'super moms' out there and just being the best mom I can be to my sweet girl. I fear that I have become too caught up in what other moms may or may not be doing and worrying and putting too much thought into that. I will do my best to be confident in my mothering and rest easier knowing that I can be the best mom for Channing without being exactly like someone else who may have a totally different situation than I am and focusing in finding joy and happiness in my job as a mom!  Re-focus on my sweet girl and my husband.

SO Merry Christmas (LATE) and Happy New Year!

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