January 8, 2014

Detox Review

Dr. Oz Three-Day Detox | Rays of Funshine
I will be completely honest here... I thought this would be easy. Usually I have MAJOR self control and when I set my mind to something I totally go for it. This on the other hand did not go so well for me. I thought I was totally on board. I mean, I spent a long time Sunday prepping everything and putting all the smoothies cut up into bags in the freezer for easy prep in the mornings. But by Monday morning after the breakfast smoothie, which tastes just fine (We will actually keep doing these) I was super hungry WAY before the lunch hour and started to get a headache, which is probably normal. The lunch smoothie is VERY thick and tastes very apple-ish BUT the aftertaste killed me. I didn't make it to the snack one... just gave in and drank some coffee and kept drinking water. We ended up scrapping the dinner smoothie and making healthy dinners instead because I was beyond hungry for FOOD.

All in all I did feel great but I usually eat well anyway and I almost always have a smoothie similar to this for breakfast. I take lots of vitamins on a daily basis so I feel like we are pretty good. It was a nice jump start though. With all the running we do and a pretty healthy lifestyle I think we can keep up the good work.
Things I would recommend:
  • Prep everything in bags before the three days you decide to do it. HELPS a lot
  • Set out the bag for 20 mins or so before putting into the blender otherwise it can take forever
  • Prepare your mind that you will not have any food to chew for three days
  • OR COFFEE or COKE if you drink them
  • Do it when you know that you will have a supportive environment...
  • If you don't take vitamins on a daily basis this is a good way to start... YOU SHOULD BE (I think)
There you have it. I think next time I might try the Advocare 10 day cleanse.... much more doable for me I think!

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