January 13, 2014

Ive Got My Eye On You!

Today is the day! Finally it is here!
Channing's eye appointment at Childrens. I feel like we have waited so long for this appointment. Thankfully she is 'excited' because Peppa Pig also went to the eye doctor and it was fun. Hope she keeps the enthusiasm up!

I will post an update after we know something.

Just a few catch up pictures from my phone... haven't done well with taking the real camera yet. Baby steps baby steps!

Channing helped Grammie make pizza last Thursday and it was delish!

You can't really see them but I got these cute sweats from the Target clearance with hot pink zippers at the ankles. I was trying to take a good picture but failed... anyhow just trust me they are cute and comfy and cost $9 really can't beat that!

A little Friday treat I picked up for the hubby...

Saturday night we met some friends for dinner at Tillman's in Bishop Arts. The food was amaze but I felt like it was a little overpriced but the company was perfect and that popcorn.... THAT.POPCORN!!!

Me and my girl yesterday morning playing 'betend' I was the baby and she was the mommy... sweetest girl I know!!

Some friend's texted and asked if we wanted to meet at Chicken scratch yesterday afternoon and we gladly accepted! The kids played for a while and we sat and relaxed and enjoyed the weather with a few drinks. PERFECT day for it!

Starting to run again this afternoon after a week of crappy weather!!

Happy Monday!

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