January 7, 2014

On Potty Training!

Around 16- 18 months old Channing started really showing interest in going to the potty. I am no expert on potty training but a friend asked yesterday what some of us did to potty train. Her daughter is showing major interest and is around the same age when Channing started so I thought I would share how the whole thing went for us.

  • Bought a potty and just sat it out for her to see (she would go every once in a while on it)
  • I started putting her on the potty every night before bath because she always went in the bath so it was a good time for her to get used to going
  • NEVER stressed or pushed her in a negative tone
  • Didn't stress ourselves out with any timeline... IE: potty training in three days etc.
  • Encouraged her as much as we could

That started in a December and on July 4th ( mommy brains remember milestones like this) she just decided that was it. She told us every time she needed to go potty. We even went to the lake and she would ask to get out of the water to go to the potty. From that moment on it was all panties all the time.

That was that. I did read books to her about going to the potty and we watched the Elmo potty training DVD no less than one bazillion times but we never worried about it. I was just convinced that before too long she wouldn't want to sit in a wet or dirty diaper.

Now, this is only what worked for us and I am a big advocate on doing what is best for YOUR family and YOUR kiddo and really YOUR time and sanity.

I just know that every time I have stressed about something like switching to Cow's milk or taking away the bottle or pacifier it ended up not being THAT big of a deal to her.

I am not bragging by any means. Some other things have been really tough for us. She is VERY strong willed and has a big personality (do NOT know where she gets it) but I have noticed if I just roll with the punches (easier said than done and don't stress myself out) it usually works out ok.

NOW... I do NEED some advice. She is still wearing a pull-up at night. I haven't been too stressed about it but I do feel it is time to give up the drink of milk right before bed to try and start getting completely dry pullups on a consistent basis then finally switching to NO MORE pullups!

Last night I started what is my initial step. She is allowed to have a cup of milk right after dinner either before bath or while in the bath but NO MORE after that until the morning. Bed time went ok but in the middle of the night she wanted in bed with us and of course a drink of Milk. We said no and she finally agreed BUT still laid in bed with us the rest of the night... that is a separate 'seeking advice' post.

So hopefully by not totally stressing out over it and starting slowly the transition will be easy.

Here is to hoping!!

Happy Tuesday!

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