December 29, 2012

2012 A Year In Review... January thru April...

I thought I would do a year in review! This installment includes January thru April!
I hope you guys enjoy!


  • My Great Aunt Turned 90

  • Channing got cuter

  • I continued to drink Champs from a can!

  • Courtney was the BEST crazy girl ever on the Bachelor

  • Celebrated Valentines Day

  • Channing becam obsessed with stickers

  • Cuddled a lot with my girl!

  • Started attempting the Sock Bun

  • Started March off with a case of Pink Eye :(

  • Chandler went out of town... then came back and this happened

  • Tried Hypnotic Donuts for the first time!

  • Channing really starts to love playing with my vanity!

  • Channing turned 2 and modeled ALL her presents!

  • Channing gives a Wet Willy and it was caught on camera!

  • My obsession with wanting Chickens began

  • Cousin Judah and my brother Cody came to visit!

  • Easter came and we celebrated with BOTH families!
  • Channing modeled her new swimsuit!
  • We bought a ROOMBA!!!!
  • Got a visit from our FAVE Abilene peeps!
  • I read one of my FAVE books of all time!
  • My cousin and her kiddos came to visit and we all went to the Zoo!
And that concludes January thru April!
Next installment coming SOON!!

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