December 10, 2012

Dallas Marathon 2012... AKA Hot & Humid 2012

Organizers estimated nearly 25,000 marathoners competed this year, a record for the marathon.
The temperatures were in the 60's for much of Sunday's race. Dallas Fire-Rescue treated about 40 people. Paramedics took 13 runners to the hospital for issues related to running long distances.

The hubby ran The Dallas Marathon this year as did a lot of other friends/family we knew.
Above was Nick Danielle & Chandler picking up their race packets Saturday!
There isn't much that compares to the excitement leading up to a race for a runner.
This years weather though made for a ROUGH run for MOST of the runners out there. 93% humidity and 70 degrees is NOT the ideal running conditions runners hope for on Marathon Day. 

Channing and I and Chandlers mom watched the start of th race at home after I dropped of Chandler, Nick & Danielle. Channing was all sorts of silly that morning! Christmas stockings are for wearing apparently!

The girl in the yellow shorts is Chandler's cousin Lexi.
Lets just call her MEGA AMAZING RUNNER!
Her times make me jealous!

Right above you an see Chandler running up to us in the blue shirt!

There goes Nick!

Coming up is Danielle in the Pink shirt!

Below Chandler was ALMOST done with the 26.2!
They ALL did amazing! They all finished and I couldn't be more proud of them and my HUBBY!
He is already planning his training for the Cowtown Marathon in February!!
I think I will join him but I will only do the half!
Love you babe! You did and amazing job and Channing and I are VERY proud of you!

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