December 28, 2012

BUSY Week!

This week has been SUPER busy! With Christmas and taking down Christmas (thats a story in itself)and getting ready to put our house on the market we have felt like we are barely keeping our heads above water! But, we don't have anything to complain about so we are thankful!
I can't wait to post the listing of our house on the blog in about a week! SO exciting for us!
We have worked realy hard on being prepared to move and we are finally at a place where we feel comfortable doing it! We are really excited to be back in the 'city' and closer to our jobs and families!

Wednesday I had to go to work but after I picked up Channing that afternoon we went for a walk to play in the snow that was still there from the night before. That isso unusual in Texas so we needed to take full advantage of it!
Channing surprisingly loved the snow. I was trying to get an action picture of her throwing the snow but this is what I got... I am not a great photo taker!

Our boots in the snow!

My happy little snow princess ragamuffin!

Chandler finally got her to get on the bike and 'practice' riding it!

New outfit she was really proud of!

And coming soon and very soon on the blog! A review of these FAB earrings from Brooklyn Jewelgasm  !

I have thought about doing posts of MY version of outfit's I pin on Pinterest in the new year! Like do a post once a week on that! Thoughts?!

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  1. I love your outfits!! I think that is a great idea!!