June 27, 2012

What The Heck Wednesday & Random Wednesday!

*I made a really good pasta salad the other night that was our main course.

  • whole wheat penne pasta
  • crumbled feta
  • fresh spinach
  • cut cherry tomatoes
  • toss with aged balsamic dressing (I used Target Archer Farms brand)
Easy and SO good and refreshing for a lighter summer pasta dinner

 * Loving this dress.... In fact it WILL be mine VERY soon.

* Just started reading THIS blog... Chandler's cousin Lexi loves her blog and introduced me to it... LOVE reading about her runs and I wouldn't mind having this shirt either! She posted today about some workout tanks from Costco... My kind of girl!

*Love this print from GroopDealz.... of course I want the TX one.... DOY

* Channing has had a nasty sounding cough this week here and there... not fun for the rents... we worry about our sweet girl... but Grandma's old cough medicine seems to help... I mean just cough medicine... Grandma's stuff is for Chandler and I.

*WHAT THE HECK is up with the HEAT... Runs this week have been TERRIBLE... I know I have always lived in TX and should be used to the heat... I guess I am used to it but lets be honest here.... 110 degrees is hot and when you want to run outside for more than 1.5 miles. My body doesn't fully function on 5 am runs and I am growing TIRED of the treadmill.... BOO! Looks like an elliptical day for me... 

*I can't wait for my new Erin Condren planner to come in... I think it ships sometime next week! EEK!

*Our beloved Delonghi Coffee maker's front door wouldn't stay shut so I jumped through one million bazillion loops to get them to replace it! They had me cut the cord and send it in with all this other information... BUT... in 5-7 business days we will be getting a new one! YAY! Also thankful our KEURIG still works wonderfully and we have something to use while we wait... one must not be without coffee at 5am you see!

* LOVING this mascara.... It is so awesome... my new FAVE for sure!

I guess that is all for this Mid-Week post.... No picture of my whiney hiney this morning... She wasn't feeling the pictures... actually she really wasn't even feeling me changing her out of her PJ's and a fit ensued. Sorry but PJ's aren't part of her school wardrobe. She was better by the time we got to school... It sometimes is hard being 2... I can imagine!

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. Oooh - I was wondering about the new plush mascara. It's on my Target list. Glad to know you like it!! :-)