June 12, 2012

Fun Phone Pics!

Random out of order pictures from this weekend... Mostly because the blog app on my phone isnt working correctly. Channing had cookies for breakfast Saturday morning... YES, I am in the running for Mother of the year!

A new brew we tried this weekend... Yumsies!

After a Sunday evening swim doesnt every girl need some ice cream? 

She also needed a bun and a headband because she kept wanting to go outside and it was SO HOT so this was the result of just trying to keep her hair off of her neck. TOO CUTE!

My Saturday morning run time... hey I was really truly just trying to finish... luckily I started before it got too too hot. Hey I at least finished 5 in under ten mins a mile!

After dinner Friday night!

Bath time fun

The water table is awesome.... once again provided entertainment during the hot afternoon!

Cuteness before school yesterday!

Oh yeah... the makings of an amazing pasta dish called Havarti Pasta... it is amazeballs!

Pure early morning LOVE

Today is most def a sock bun day!

Its Tuesday which means almost Wednesday which means we are heading towards the weekend! WOOP!

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