June 8, 2012

iPhone Picture Dump... Catching Up!

We got an extra shipment of wine in.... OH DARN!

The pictures are ALL out of order because Blogger is messing up on my iPhone but this is from Duchman Winery close to Horseshoe Bay and Wimberly TX!

The food at the restaurant was AMAZING! Tami Shelby and I shared three things... BEST DECISION EVER!

Beautiful winery grounds!

We started off our Friday night of GIRLS WEEKEND at the brewery! YUMMY!

My sweet girl yesterday being silly!

Walking to the wine tasting last weekend!

Channing was WORN OUT after I got home and we ran around together! 

Crab Risotto!!!!! The BEST thing we got! 

Breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe! Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs.... SO GOOD

Swimming with Channing after I got home!

Channing modeling her shirt from Aunt Ife

Duchman Winery!

My dad sent this to me... Probably VERY true!

Shopping with Channing... Kept her occupied with 'LIPS' as she calls it... hey, whatever works!

Angel Face

My pale ale from the brewery! SO GOOD!

Playing in her water table that Grammie bought... it is a HUGE HIT!

RED at the winery!

This morning! Happy Friday Peeps!

Wendy's Frosty date with Daddy last weekend when Momma was gone!

Fountain at the winery.... see the vines behind it??

Me and my girl at the pool!

Playing in her tutu.... 

Playing with a Chicken with her Sunnies upside down 

Rainy Rainy week... thankful for the rain but glad I got to run outside last night!

Such a good place.... 

Shelby sent me a GIFT OF SALT.... she knows me so well! And it is very good!

Sideways water table fun!

Chose her boots Monday.... Baby Uggs in summer in TEXAS? Sure, why not. 

She LOVES her BABY and now has her stroller!

Channing loves my Tervis Tumbler just like this and on my trip I found her a mini version... I think she likes it. 

A deer on our walk last weekend.... of course it started running away as I was trying to take a picture!


She had a Vacation Tshirt Day at school this week... we LOVE San Fran!

Beautiful neighborhood we stayed in last weekend... I could live there so pretty!

My morning music ... Channing LOVES them!

The girls!

At the winery!

I took Channing to Chick Fil A on our day together and she actually ate all 4 of her nuggets! SO proud and we had so much fun! This was actually the first time we have eaten inside... it was a madhouse but awesome!

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