June 28, 2012

Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

This girl is my PRIDE & JOY... I could go on and on... I love her to the ends of the earth!

I ALWAYS drink my water with a straw...

I am a wanna be model...

I have posted this before.... but it is probably VERY true :)

I LOVE to take self portraits... ALL my friends know this... and if you follow my INSTAGRAM then you have probably noticed also!

I LOVE this couscous salad.... SO easy and GREAT for summer! E-mail me for the recipe! SO healthy too!

I love Red Bull but I MUST have a cup of coffee in the morning or I am in a very bad mood.
MAYBE thats why we have TWO coffee makers on our kitchen counter!

I love my spray tans!

LOVE to run! I just LOVE it... thats my new road id...SAFETY FIRST!

WINE... yes... love that too!

Watched Duck Dynasty with Chandler and LOVE it.... Those guys are CRAZY and HILAIRE!
BUT, BRAVO is my first love...

I am a SHOE girl... those aren't mine but they should be... how cool are those!?

I hate getting gas... HATE it!

ALSO HATE going to the bank... Funny I almost worked at one... YIKES!

LOVE salt... most people who know me know this... in fact recently I have had TWO best friends sent me gifts of salt... gourmet salts... DELISH and FUNNY!

I LOVE our family! We feel like we are the luckiest people in the world!

LOVE my friends!

My girls on our recent girls trip!

LOVE this guy! He is not only an amazing friend... but a GREAT husband and the BEST most amazing father to Channing Layne! 

Love BIG sunglasses and purses and earrings and necklaces ETC...
I told someone recently that it is my version of 'little man syndrome' you know the TINY guys that drive BIG HUGE trucks ETC.... I have 'little women's syndrome' ... last night on a TV show a little old lady said... little people like BIG things... TRUTH!:)

I am the MIDDLE CHILD... I loved it... LOOK I was the only girl THE PRINCESS.... PLUS my brothers are pretty cool too!

PS... Not a big sweets eater... but I love me some Pop Chips or Hot Cheetos with Lime...
ta ta thats all for now!


  1. Um we may be the same person! Hate getting gas, hate going to the bank, love coffee, love my nephew, love big sunglasses, love spray tans, love Duck Dynasty! The only thing I don't love is running, but maybe with time! XOXO

  2. Gorgeous friend I love learning new things about you!!

  3. This my friend is why we get along so GREAT!!!!

    Now if we could only end up in the same city! Ummm, so find me a nice Dallas boy and lets be neighbors! K, thanks!

    Teach me to LOVE running cuz I would rather die than get out in the heat and run (weird cuz I would working out though)

    Happy Thursday!!!

  4. This is SUCH a cute post! I WANT those shoes + you LOOK like a model!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  5. I HATE getting gas and HATE going to the bank, TOO! SO INCONVENIENT! DIE!!! LOL! p.s. I heart Cous Cous

  6. You forgot to mention 'Drop dead GORGEOUS'!

    The gas thing is too funny, in HS I used to make my younger sister pump my gas I hated it so much..and now I make Drew do it so I've probably pumped gas like 20 times in the 10 yrs i've been driving. HA