May 3, 2013


Yesterday after I dropped Channing off at school I headed out west to Abilene to see one of my best friend's second little boy that was born Wednesday! And OH MY is he a doll!

SO tiny and cute! He was 7lbs and some change and I can't believe how tiny he seemed. Channing was 5lbs and some at birth and I thought she was a normal size baby!

After seeing Tami and the family I went to one of our other best friends new houses in Abilene. Then hit the road back to Dallas. BUT I had to make a pit stop at the Gilbert Pecan Company for some pecan coffee... seriously the best! I think you can order it online and YOU SHOULD. 

Happy to be home with my sweet family! Happy Friday y'all!
We are having a garage sale in the morning so if you are in Dallas you can feel free to come buy stuff from us! 

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