May 20, 2013


We had a busy full fun weekend. It all started Friday with my girl posing like this for her morning picture!

My sweet friend Shelby had her sweet little boy Graham Thursday and I went to see them Friday!
Oh the cuteness!

My friend Julie gave Channing this UT Cheerleading Uniform for her birthday and Channing was begging to wear it all last week. So Friday night I put it on her and she LOVED it!!

This guy was hanging out on our front porch Friday night when we went out to watch the sunset and hang out. GROSS. 

Have you guys downloaded the App VINE?
Plain and simple IT.IS.AWESOME!
Go get it... you will love it.

We went to some of Chandler's parents friends farm Saturday afternoon into the evening. Channing LOVES to fish! It was so fun and peacful to be out there... plus they had Babe's chicken and that really hit the spot!
A BIG thank you to Alice and Stan for having us out! I am sure we will be back!

This may or may not have been the fish that flopped into the boat which caused me to jump into the back of the tiny paddle boat hahaha!

My MIL and Alice taking an evening paddle boat ride!

Yesterday morning we met my rents for breakfast at Crossroad's. I cannot get enough of their Sticky Buns! TO DIE FOR!

I have had my eye on these acrylic chairs from IKEA for weeks. I sold our chairs and found the exact chairs I wanted on Craig's List for HALF PRICE! YA HOO!

My morning outfit haha and you can see miss thang in the background refusing to take a picture with me... hahaha

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  1. Fun weekend!!

    Okay - so how are you able to upload videos from your phone?? I have had a heck of a time with videos. Period. So frustrating!