May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had a PERFECT weekend! Friends came in town again to look at houses and hang out. Brunch at Crossroad's Café and dinner at an Italian BYOB place and Mother's Day with our families! Doesn't get much better than that!
To kick it off look at this cutie pie Friday morning. That awesome headband lasted all of 2 seconds for the picture and we had to switch to a bow.... 

Chandler has been picking Channing up from school everyday to let me run home faster and get a run in usually before they get home! It has been amazing and a nice time for them too! Friday he surprised her with her first SLURPEE... She loved it! OBVI!

Friday I ran by Spec's on my way home for some adult bev's and this GEM was in the check out line when I walked in... so I promptly got the phone out acted like I was looking at wine to my left and side snapped a pic. Nobody would have believed me! The guy behind him totally saw me taking the pi and was laughing to himself... see his smirk!?

Moving on.... Channing asked me to play in her room with her and she choose Lego's. The cutest girly Lego's ever!

She has total been into undressing herself lately... mainly at the dinner table...
Friday night she put her panties on her head... this is so funny but we are trying hard to not make a HUGE deal out of it because I don't want a naked kiddo at Mi Cocina or something hahaha!

Since our friends Nick and Danielle came in town to look at houses Channing had her buddy Nick back. She totally loves them both!

We went to brunch at Crossroad's and Channing became a photog once again!
Oh hey Danielle!

Love this one

Apparently  was serious about something... that or somebody said something really dumb haha!

We flew kites... 

Now Mothers Day was awesome... I got to run solo to the lake and back!

I did laundry and cleaned while Chandler took Channing to the park and pond... She was SO worn out hahaha this is how I found her not long after they got back. 

We had our families over for dinner and really enjoyed the whole day!


Hope you all had a VERY Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. What a sweet weekend! Love the pics. Happy belated Mother's day :)