May 23, 2013


This my friends is the picture of a girl with MAJOR Pink Eye in BOTH eyes. Pink eye isn't fun and it hurts and is annoying...and lets not even go there with those drops they give you to put into your kiddo's eyes. People walking by probably think that something horrible is happening inside our house. It is a full blown melt down most of the time... but this morning I am happy to report it went much better...

If there is anybody that reads my blog they might have noticed that Channing is totally into taking pictures with my phone right now. If it is on silent she wants the sound turned on because she loves the clicking sound it makes. She now knows how to turn it around to take 'selfies' haha... but this it out of control hahahahaha

After noticing the dreaded pink eye we headed up to the DR... confirming we were right on. 

They called in the drops but darn it wasn't ready when we got to Target soooo I browsed and Channing took more pictures...

CRAY CRAY at lunch. This is how we spend most of our meals at the table... she is obsessed with the mirror behind our dining table.... seriously we have to remind her to eat most of the time and she may have fallen out of her chair looking at herself a time or two. 

Duckface returns... what the heck haha?!

We got out the mermaid pool and I put her to work filling it up! 

That lasted all of ten minutes and before I knew it she was naked laying out on her beach towel.
This girl is a hoot! Be free Channing Layne be free hahahaha!

We capped off the day with 'planking' on dad... awesome. 
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  1. Poor baby, hope her eyes are better soon!

  2. Poor baby girl!! Hope she feels better soon!