May 6, 2013


We had an amazing weekend. Not really because we did anything really exciting but in the end I felt pretty rested and that in itself makes the weekend great!
We started Friday afternoon off with a beer and soccer in the front yard!

Channing is still totally interested in picture taking so this one of me is courtesy of Channing!

She loves to find 'treasures' and Friday's treasure was a stick that she asked to me to take a picture of.

We also had a guest Friday night! Our good friend Danielle had come in from Houston for a job interview!! YAY, so excited for them to be back! So good and fun to hang out and she even helped with the garage sale Saturday morning! That's a god friend I tell ya!

I got her dressed Saturday afternoon after our YARD SALE ( thanks to my mom also for helping AND watching Channing while we got to run!) and a quick run... which was a success... and while I was in the shower she went and changed into what she wanted to wear. A size 6 dress (she is in a 3t MAYBE) and running shoes because I told her we were going to run errands. hahaha OH my goodness! I let her wear it because it made her happy and I am learning to pick my battles... 

That afternoon we went out to enjoy the perfect weather and she painted up a storm... it really was a perfect afternoon!

Sunday started with this GOOF in our bed watching Little Bill!
I absolutely love it!

We decided to skip out on church and enjoy each other and try to get some house work done. I have felt so disorganized and rushed on Sunday's because we have been pretty busy that we just needed a day to get it together!
We took the pups on a walk and headed to the park and really had a good time!

Chandler's parents came by and picked up Channing and took her with them to see the new puppies that his dad's dog just had. So Chandler and I had a nice afternoon getting ALL the house work done went grocery shopping and even stopped for a margarita for Cinco de Mayo!

Little Miss's braid that she loved!
We ended the weekend with some patio time in the backyard and grilling out.
CRAZY but I am already looking forward to  next weekend! ;)

I will leave you with this pic of Channy Lou this morning. BRIGHT is today's theme!

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