February 25, 2013

Wrapping It Up

We close on our new house this week!
I am so excited to close and get started with the paint inside and start moving things in!
It has been so nice to have a relaxed place to stay where we are comfy and have lots of fun but it will also be nice to feel a bit organized again. Channing is excited to have ALL her toys back too. She did ask me the other day if we would have a table in our new house ... and chairs... haha YES baby we will no worries!
AND here is a little peak at Channing's 3rd birthday invitation! I am loving it loving it!!

Has anyone tried the Dasani Drops? We bought some at Target yesterday and I am excited to try mine... I chose Pineapple Coconut... hope it is yummy!

Been looking at lots of paint colors this weekend!

In random order.... my outfit today!

OK on my way home Friday I noticed this guy at the stop light... he was waiting for the bus..
I litterally missed a light looking at him and taking a picture... I am sure a lot of you guys don't have a clue what I am talking about but this particular guy could totally be either one of my brothers... I legit looked out the window and sai to myself, 'is that Cody OR Cole'?!
So random ad funny... I mean from the hair to the beard to the blazer down to the flip flops to bring the whole ensemble together... IT COULD BE MY BROTHERS!
We all got a good laugh over text!

Channing has become an Ice Cream Cone connosuier...
Tired of me taking pictures much?

Since we have been at my in-laws I have managed to get up before Chandler & Channing on the weekends and sneak downstairs and enjoy some coffee and quiet... I have started to LOVE this little bit of time... I am going to try and keep it up!

Channing and her Grammie! 

Another shot of my weekend mornings! I am finally almost finished with this book!
I love that family and I really love the book...

The shoes before going to dinner with friends the other night...
I LOVE these shoes from ShoeMint ! 
My silly girl at Marianos Saturday night!

Channing and her friend Jack at dinner... oh man these two are too cute!
They were laughing so hard at each other and being SO silly... It was really cute!
Man... Jack was a trooper... he busted the back of his head open earlier that day but nothing a little Urgent Care and glue didn't fix... He was such a happy camper at dinner!

I mean THE CUTENESS is out of control!

OK.... I need help from you guys again! Where on earth can I find this stuff?!

In other news this stuff is the bomb dot com!

The weather was SO awesome yesterday so we went to White Rock and to the park!
Although, I wish we had more of an actual Winter I really enjoyed it!

Throwing sticks into the lake is AWESOME!

You do not have to leave 5 or 6 car lengths between you and the other car in front of you in rush hour traffic in the far left land AKA THE FAST LANE... holly conolly the blue car from SOUTH DAKOTA was really going slow this moring... like barely 40 in the fast lane... UGH
OK vent DONE!

Forgot to mention this stuff the other day... I love it! Great for moisturizing on your legs before you leave for the day... a slight shimmer and color and totally not greasy as you might think with oil!

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  1. My annoyance with other drivers gets worse with age. I feel like I have mellowed out in every area but driving. :) I'm also with you on that brief period of time before I wake up and the rest of the house does. I try to be extra quiet in hopes of prolonging the peaceful solitude. I write posts, check email, and just breathe in the quiet. My favorite part of the weekend.

  2. Okay I'm obviously a total freak because I know where to find all the good junk food... BUT I'm pretty sure I saw those Cracker Jacks at the 7-11 at Northwest Hwy and Ferndale (across from White Rock Coffee) this weekend. OH, and I bought the Maybelline Rocket mascara and it is AMAZING.