February 19, 2013

All Ive Got...

All I have is iPhone pics to update you guys!
Friday we went to a wine event with some new neighbors in our new hood. Nope, we haven't moved in yet but we got invited and went and had a great time. What a cool neighborhood to be moving to.
Right up our alley!
This was my sweet Channing girl before school Friday morning. I told her to pose!

We also closed on our old haouse Friday morning. Bittersweet is the word for that for sure.
Now on to new things for the Balch family!

My girly girl choosing polish Friday afternoon when we got home from school etc...
I love that she is so into all of this stuff!

Saturday we all ran around looking for stuff for the new house without much luck... we did eat at Beck's Prime and thought it was pretty good. The weather was awesome... perfect for the patio!

We got in a good 3 mile run Sunday! 

Rewarded ourselves with this little nugget of goodness I found at Whole Foods!

Ran around AGAIN yesterday looking for house stuff and had Channing model it for Chandler
hahaha who is this kid?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Um, I LOVE that ikat chair Miss Channing is sitting in! Did you end up snatching it up??