February 26, 2013

Almost That Time!

It is ALMOST that time ladies! Swim suit season is right around the corner!
I have been browsing suits for this season and wanted to share a few I really liked with you guys!
 ALL suits found here!
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I LOVE the top on the one above... those of us who may be less endowed on top would look great in a top like this! It adds a little volume!

I just LOVE the print on the one and the top as well. A bandeau is one of my favorite swim tops!
Loving this black two piece! I love how he ties are long and I think black is just so classic and stunning!

This one piece suit is amazing! I love the detail and how it is see through yet gives a little more coverage!
What type of suit are you looking for this summer? Where is your favorite place to find the perfect suit?! Share with us!
And a few more things I am loving!
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This little 'darling' is on my wish list from J Crew!
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Zara... can we just talk about your shoes? I am in love!

Bad picture but this beauty will be soon hanging in our new guest bath! I couldn't get over that it says, 'excuse my SWAG'!

My sweet friend Valerie sent me cookies wishing me a Happy Closing week... so sweet and thoughtful! Everybody should have sweet friends like her.

AND this sweet girl let me blow dry her hair this morning! It is so BLONDE and so LONG now!
Where did my baby go?!?

And the color of the week... Essie Chinchilly...
I love this neutral! 
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