February 4, 2013


I feel like the blog has been neglected a little over the past few weeks. Now that we are settling in at my in-laws maybe I can catch up a little!
SO... no news yet on a new house... I will keep you guys posted though! It is exciting for sure!
I won sunglasses from The Skinny Runner's blog and I love them!
I couldn't get the tag off the other day in the car so I wore them with the tag... I was excited what can I say!

My Minnetonka's ... I AM IN LOVE!
So comfy!

I needed to go by our old house the other day in between moving to pack some more things and get stuff situated for another POD and Channing came with me... We took a little 'lolly' break...
She was so good and such a champ being run around all day non-stop!

In between all the moving... Benz our bulldog who is staying at my parents house for he time being (THANK YOU) needed to go get an allergy shot... my car was full so he sat shotgun... made me laugh!


This stuff is SO good... I got a HUGE one for like $1.50... try it you'll like it!

This weekend was also one of my good friends Kelly's bachelorette party! It was such a good time with the girls although I obviously cannot hang until 2am very often anymore... I was pooped!

We ate at St Ann in Dallas and it was so yummy! That above was me on the way... below is shelby who I totally think was looking like Tori Spelling Saturday night... we love her so its a HUGE compliment!
Speaking of... Shelby is the sister-in-law to be and is preggo and so is one of our bestie's Tami... Not only did they drive but they hung out all night and had so much fun! Awesome friends I tell ya!

Shelbs and I at dinner

Keridon and I at a bar after dinner... She is also a major friend driving all the way from Houston to make it!
Funny story about what I am wearing... I totally thought it was a dress until I was getting ready and noticed the slit on the side went all the way up to my waist... humm I guess it was actually a tunic... added some black leggings and the outfit was saved hahaha made myself laugh... I was so glad I noticed before I left the house!

Me and the bride to be!

Shelby and this random guy who wanted to wear Kelly's veil and take a picture...
he probaby does not remember this. Goof ball!

Fun night!!!

Sisters to be!!

A little pic of a new necklace my mom bought me!

Last night we had some friends over to my in-laws because they had a church super bowl party...
we invited Brian and Heather Baker and their kiddos Jack (who is about 4 months older than Channing) and Isla their sweet precious 8 month old. Channing had a rough start to the night but by the end they were playing so well... Jack is just a doll and I think I see a lot more playdates in their future! We can't wait to see what house we find in the neighborhood!


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  1. You are beautiful!! And I Love your pup, so adorable. I love bullies!