February 11, 2013


So this weekend our fence at our old house blew over in the storms Saturday night. Luckilly the nice cop guy next door helped Chandler fix it and split the cost yesterday... Not how we envisioned Chandler's Sunday afternoon going but on the bright side... IT'S FIXED and we close this week!
It is super bittersweet though. That sweet house holds a lot of amazing memories. We are so thankful for our time there. I just love that house but I am also excited for this new chapter in our new house.

Seems like a random picture but YES I wore these the other day. Surprisingly comfy and I loved wearing them. I did however get a lot of looks. I am guessing crazy looks but maybe they were just admiring them :)

OK this picture was posted on IG this last week and I cannot find them anywhere!
plus I might be mom of the year if I found these...
help a sista out!

NEELY! Look what I got!!!
woo hooooo
The Pop Sugar box is awesome!
I will do a post on the contents later... But man oh man what a fun mail day that was!
In the meantime check them out! It's is like Birchbox but I am tempted to say BETTER! 

Chandler's parents kept Channing Friday night and we went on a DATE!!!
We tried Maso Maya and went after dinner for a drink next door.
We really liked it! We felt so cool going on a date and taking our time eating and getting a drink afterwards until we realized it was only 9pm and we were so tired and ready to head home hahaha!

See what I mean... she has a love for Oreos like I do and she even fell asleep in the car with her hand on the top like don't even try to take my oreos!

This house will always be my first love... house wise :)

She probably couldn'y be any cuter... cheesing for the camera after ice cream!

And this my friends is my new mascara... used it for the first time this morning and I.LOVE.IT!
I use about 3 mascaras when doing my makeup but I just used this one alone this morning to try it out and it worked great!
go get some... I bet you'll thank me later!

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