February 14, 2013


Can we just talk about Lulu's for a few mins?
I LOVE their online store! I have for a LONG time. I have found dresses for many occasions at Lulu's and I love buying there because their selection is awesome and I can usually find something that nobody else will be wearing!
Take this dress from our family photo shoot a little while ago...
Dress... from Lulu's
I still LOVE that dress! Maybe someday Channing will want to wear it to something... A girl can only dream!

And this number... Lulu's! Still love this one too!

I got an e-mail from them yesterday and I just had to share some of my FAVES...
Check them out below!

So anyhow... you guys should check out Lulu's if you haven't already!
You are welcome!


  1. Such adorable dresses!!! Wish I had somewhere fancy to go so I could wear one!! Btw, no, unfortunately I don't ship cupcakes/treats just yet. Haven't quite figured out how that'd work. I've had lots of requests to ship so I need to look in to it. :) congrats on selling your house!! :)

  2. Omg! That family picture! Stunning!!