August 13, 2012

Weekend In iPhone Pics & Finally The Havarti Pasta Recipe!

SO my office occasionally promotes HH... You know it is team building. I mostly love those Friday's because they buy me my FAVE champs. 

Then they let me take the rest home!

Channing started off her weekend with some sliding... Benz is supervising OBVI

On our way to Hatch Chili Fest at CM

This amazingness WILL be in my household SOON... MAYBE TODAY!

Is fall here yet? I am going to make this GUAC soon!

The BEST ever after nap snuggles... 

Some Saturday evening swimming!

Chandler had the brilliant idea of making Channing's slide a 'water slide' 
It was pure awesomeness..... She LOVED it.... She kept standing at the top of the slide and saying...
'Hey guys, here my comes'! 

A lovely Saturday evening Rose

It was actually bearable to be outside so we watched the Olympics and cooked out! 

Green Chili Cheddar Bacon Burgers.... DUH

So... Saturday I only ran 1.5 miles and it was a horrible run... you know some days runs just suck...

Well, Sunday I felt MUCH better on my run and was so glad!

Sierra Nevada and Buccees... DOY

Au Natural... or whatever... no makeup Kelsey :) 

She even loves her pool with NO water in it!

Blue suede shoes....
The friend that gave these to me well... her mom is the BIGGEST Elvis fan and this week is Elvis week... yep she went to Graceland... SO these are in honor of Elvis week! Ya HOO!

This mornings choice... a FAB dress-up necklace and Pink Moccasins. 
Like I said you win some you lose some... BUT the girl has her style and I love it!

AND drum roll please..... Here it is... 
Havarti Pasta!
Make it... you won't be sorry and plus it is great leftover also. If you can't click on the recipe picture and read it clearly e-mail me and I will send it your way... seriously you will be sorry if you don't ever try this goodness!

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  1. channing is too freaking cute! love the water slide idea :)

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie