August 21, 2012

Let Me Tell YOU Something!

Oh yes! Caroline Manzo one of my FAVE 'Real Housewives' from Jersey wrote a book...
It is on pre-sale now..... OMG
Title: Let me tell you something...

I love this cardy

Yesterday I had to do one of the things I hate... (third after going to the bank and getting gas)

Oil Change & State Inspection

BUT, Sewell Caddy in Dallas is AWESOME 
They were out of loan cars for the day because I guess the over booked SO someone chauffeured me back to my office and back to the dealership when my car was done. 

The best part was that when I got there to pick it up PACIUGO was there serving gelato for those of us waiting.... SEA SALT CARAMEL... amazing and SO good.... I just sat on the bench eating my gelato and was delighted!

The weather has been great, as in 90's and 70's at night and to us it feels like winter. 
We actually sat on our patio after Channing went to bed and watched TV for a while...
Bach Pad DUH

The sweet girl this morning... what a doll face

Me... Doll Face's Momma
Wearing Coral and Gold Sequins today.... OH YA!

Related to the things I hate to do comment above....


Happy Tuesday.... Today is my Wednesday!

woop woop!
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