August 20, 2012

Monday Not My Fave

I think Mondays are hard on all of us... Just getting back into the swing of things for the week wears me out!

This morning I had to do one of my FAVE things ever and take my car in for an oil change and state inspection... it was out in July... so sue me...oops! They were out of loan cars today... typical for a Monday and so they were nice enough to have a guy take me back to work... I love Sewell Cadillac! 

Got these at Target and they are SO tasty!

Sweet girl ready to go run errands with me Saturday morning... I love this outfit!

So chic!

I want to make this peace sign.... 

Channing laying on out bed with Chandler looking at Benz.... SO CUTE

Running in the rain! SO thankful for the rain this weekend!

Hypnotic Donuts Sunday morning!

I needed to go through Channing's closet and get it ready for some fall clothes...
She just HAD to put this on and wanted me to take her picture! 

This girl is LOVED (not SPOILED)

Monday morning no shoes NO problem!

It was in the 70's this morning and I opened the panoramic roof! YEAH HOO!!!!

My sweet friend Valerie who also happens to do my hair gave me this necklace for my birthday! 

So excited that this is a short week for me. Channing's school has teacher inservice Friday and I also get to go visit friends in Houston this weekend for a girls weekend! YAY!

Happy Monday!
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  1. hi there! newest follower to your blog! i absolutely LOVE your blog design! so cute! cant wait to read more from ya... your kids are too cute!