August 14, 2012

Running Love... Clothing Post!

I have seen SO MANY cute running themed tops around lately I just HAD to share.... I def plan on purchasing these in time! Just absolutely love them. PS... I linked ALL of the picture to where you would be able to buy them... let give credit where credit is due! And maybe send them some business!

Next Fire Daughter Clothing Shirts and Sweatshirts are amazing... No I don't have any YET... But I will...

If you are a runner you have probably heard of Skinny Runner.... YEP she has shirts.... TECH ones and I am obsessed! I want the one below BAD!!! Her blog is amazing too... Check her out! ALSO, if you want a chance to win something AWESOME for runners go to her blog TODAY and enter her giveaway!

This one is also from Fire Daughter Clothing... HOW stinking CUTE is that?! 
A must have for this fall I'd say!

Go show them some love! No, NONE of them know me... I just think their stuff is awesome and thought I'd share...

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  1. oooh so glad I stopped by. I LOVE these! I need them ALL!!!