August 17, 2012

Long Week


I do not know why but this has seemed like one of the longest weeks EVER!
I don't have too much to complain about but I guess I was just VERY ready for the weekend. Channing is sick right now, my allergies are NUTSO but other than that the week has been OK... Here are somethings I am going to try this weekend! 

I know you cannot wait to see what they are! Other than the things below we don't have major plans. Get Channing girl healthy and a few runs... We were going to grill some pizzas but not sure now with the rain that is in the forecast... WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE RAIN! Oh and I think I am going to do some organizing tonight while Chandler is Fantasy Footballing it up and I am loving on my sweet Channy girl. 

I think I am going to try and make my own version of Sea Salt Caramel Cake Balls. I have had them from The Cake Ball Co. but have not tried this particular version myself... I smell weekend baking project! I don't really have a reason except that they sound GREAT and I have some fancy salt I want to top them with!

Yep you are reading this right... I am going to make my own laundry detergent this weekend. AND I am excited about it! Here is a recipe... I cannot find the one I am using but its pretty much the same as this one.... The only thing that I am really doing different is using Dr.Bronners Lavendar Castile Soap instead of Fels Naptha (you can use a few kinds of soap and I chose this one because I love Lavender plain and simple). I ended up ordering everything I needed from Soap dot com because they have free shipping after a certain amount and it was easier than trying to find everything in a store. Lazy or smart? I don't know... They partner with Wag dot com and let me be honest... if they carry your pets food, which they probably do, then this is a win win! Not only were they about $10 cheaper than the store but also shipped right to my door for FREE. Amazing and they have the same shopping cart as Soap dot com does with a few other sites. Awesome I tell ya!

SO I have been reading all over about Click. After talking to a good friend who is a personal trainer she convinced me I should be getting more protein for better runs and more definition in my muscles that I am looking for. It also helps with energy and recovery. So even though my friend says she wants me to eventually try one with more protein I ordered this one to try first and CANNOT wait. It tastes like coffee from what I hear and that's right up my alley! If any of you have tried it please let me know what your review is!

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