August 14, 2012

Military Chic

First off.... LuLu's posted these shoes on Instagram yesterday.... They will have them online soon! YES!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LuLu's and I want the shoes on the far left BADDD! Whats new?!

You know how sometimes you are just doing your thing getting ready drinking coffee and watching the early morning news and an outfit just POPS right into your head?! Well... that happened to me this morning. And I am seriously thinking I should have someone else take my outfit pictures! But, I like to call this...
hahahaha made myself laugh.... but thats what I named it!

The earrings are clip ons and are actually taking a breather on my desk right now because vintage and my mom got them for me from an estate sale and I LOVE them but the little pads are worn out and my ear lobes are sore hahaha. 
Jacket: Volcom Dress: Ark & Co from a boutique in F Burg TX Shoes: LAMB

Anyhow.... I tried to take a picture of Channing this morning... Instagram somehow screwed it up and lost the picture or something weird like that so.... no picture of the REAL star this morning. Sorry :(

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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