August 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

This weekend started with a low key Friday night. We cooked out and relaxed! Saturday morning we headed to Dallas to go to Grammie and Papa Scott's house for breakfast. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the spread. Just take my word for it... It was delish! Right after that we ran out to Ft Worth to visit the Diviney's and sweet baby Sloan! We loved visiting and spending time with that sweet family! Shelby looks AWESOME and is just glowing as a new momma! Love them!

Sloan checking out the world around her! She is so tiny and such a sweet little peanut!

My sweet girl!

Just hanging out with her daddy!

Shelby got out a basket of coozies for Channing and that was by far her fave toy of the day!!

Later on that evening Channing swiped Chandler's Oreo from him. She walked ALL over the house with it like we were going to take it away from her... She has become quite the theif with snacks.

Who me? I didn't take Daddy's Oreo!!

Then we had some after dinner pre-bath fun with a popsicle! Channing LOVES them but they are messy in the house and lets be honest... it is TOO HOT to go outside with it...It would melt faster than she could eat it! PS... yes, she is wearing pool booties in the bathtub... insists on it...

Sweet angel and her daddy!

Sunday I, along with three other wonderful girls hosted a baby shower for my friend Chelsea and her baby girl to come in the hospital. She has been on bedrest at the hospital since she was 17 weeks along. She has spent ten weeks there already and hopefully 9 more until that baby girl is good to go! It was an awesome shower! Pictures to come! Please keep Chelsea and her family in your prayers. Pregnancy comes with a lot of worry so please pray for peace for them and a healthy baby girl in the end!!


  1. I love all of your pictures! She is just too cute!

    Praying for your friend.

  2. Channing is getting to big...... We need a play datE!