August 18, 2011

Its OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

*To love reality TV... and have someone that you haven't heard from in a LONG time text you asking if you heard the horrible news about Taylor's husband from the Real Housewive of Bev Hills because they just knew you watched it haha.

*To want to SCREAM at the girl who rang my doorbell Tuesday night at 8:30 PM asking if I wanted to buy a cake to support her volleyball team BECAUSE THERE IS A CUTE SIGN ON MY DOOR SAYING 'PLEASE DONT RING THE DOORBELL... NO SOLICITING BABY SLEEPING' UGHHHHH Maybe I should give you money to get some reading tutorials first honey... my child is sleeping! PLUS it was dark out... what parents let their child walk around selling stuff after dark?

*To be excited about getting up tomorrow morning and taking a walk with Channing on my day off because we can before it gets too hot outside!

*To drag myself out of bed this morning for a training run at 5am because I have more important things to do this afternoon.... like a spray tan duh!

*To be super excited about finding $5 on the ground! HECK YES!

*To LOVE these pants from J Crew but know I will NEVER pay that much for them. Ba-Na-NAS!

* To be happy & extremely sad all at the same time because Channing is finishing her last day in the infant room at CCDC and moving up to the toddler room. See how much she has changed??

This is only from January til now!

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  1. My bestie and I couldn't quit talking about Taylor's hubby, sad!! He was creepy but it's still sad!! And the soliciting..amen!!! I tried to get up at 6 this morn to workout...didn't happen!!! DANGIT!!! Love the pics of your sweet pea, adorbs!!

  2. I'm completely addicted to reality TV too! And $5 on the ground!? Score!!

  3. I love finding money on the ground too! :) I'd be pissed if someone rang my doorbell at night too!

  4. So sad about Taylors husband. Those pics of miss Channing are precious!